Tsagkaraki Gorge, Canyoning.

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Tsagaraki Gorge
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We searched and found another beautiful gorge in Central Evia, which will surely be visited by many canyon lovers.

But what makes canyoning special?

It is an adventure that combines contact with nature with a variety of sports and plenty of adrenaline but at the same time with a high degree of safety.
It is an activity in the heart of nature, and more specifically in small or big wonders of nature, in places and paths that you can see and enjoy only if you transform into an explorer!

Tsagkaraki Gorge Canyonig

Through the activity of crossing the gorge you will get to know the beautiful world of the gorge from another point of view.

Tsagkaraki Gorge
11 beautiful waterfalls ( 8-24 meters high ) are waiting for rappel.

Do not be afraid to get wet, the water will be quite cool !!!!

Daily programm:

  • 08:00 meeting point—> Makrikapa, D.D. Dirfion-Messapion
  • 08:20 After driving 3 km on a dirt road, Arrival at the parking.
  • 09:30 Arrival at the entrance and training
  • 10:00 Start of activity
  • 17:30 Estimated arrival time back to parking.
  • End of activity

Informations about the Gorge:

  • Number of Rappel descents: 11
  • Maximum descent: 24 meters
  • Length: 0.9km
  • Preparation – training: 20min
  • Access time to entry: 60min
  • Crossing time: 5½ -6 hours
  • Access time to exit: 25min

You will need:

  • Second pair of shoes, blouse, socks, pants.
  • windproof
  • 2lt of water
  • Food such as a sandwich, nuts, fruits etc.
  • Shoes should be Trekking boots.
  • Comfortable clothes, not cotton and preferably sports made of breathable material.

Vaggelis Christoulas
Certified Mountain Leader / Canyoning Guide