Steni - Xirovouni ( Evia island )

The highest mountain in the Municipality of Dirfion-Messapia and throughout Evia is Mount Dirfys.
According to geologists, the mountain range of Dirfi is a tributary of the Olympus mountain range and was born during the same geological period during the Orogenetic season of the Alpine folds.
Dirfis was the favorite isolator of Hera (Dirfias Hera).
Its main peak, Delphi (1,743 meters) is visible from afar. It is wild and steep.

They call it “Little Fuji” as it looks like a volcano.

Around its bare top and under the ravines of Xerovouni stretches a thick green carpet of firs, oaks, chestnuts and plane trees, richly watered by the abundant waters of the mountain.
There we will walk on a combination of 2 wonderful paths, starting from Ano Steni uphill to the place Leiri from where we will enjoy the view of the Aegean Sea and then we will approach the wild beauty Xirovouni before descending to Steni.

Hiking duration 5 ½ – 6 hours with sort breaks for rest.
Distance: 11km
Degree of difficulty: Moderate – Moderate physical condition.

09:15 Meeting point: Doctor’s fountain- Ano Steni
09:30 We are getting ready to start the hike from Ano Steni.
15:30 Back to Steni where you can take refuge in one of the taverns to enjoy the wonderful food and regain your strength or enjoy your coffee and traditional sweets.

Should have with me:

  • Backpack 20-30lit
  • Water 2lit at least
  • Individual Pharmacy
  • Light snacks (dried fruits / nuts / energy bar / toast / fruit).
  • Light windproof / waterproof
  • Hiking shoes
  • Light comfortable clothes

Vaggelis Christoulas
Mountain Leader