Dirfis - Summit ''Delfi'' 1743m

The mind “blows” with beautiful images!

Come with your friends on a hike from the Shelter of Agali (943m altitude) to the summit Delphi (1743m altitude). We will reach the summit and enjoy the unique panoramic view that the little Fuji gives us.

The highest mountain in the Municipality of Dirfion-Messapia and throughout Evia is Mount Dirfys. According to geologists, the mountain range of Dirfis is a tributary of the Olympus mountain range and was born during the same geological period during the Orogenetic season of the Alpine folds.

Dirfis was the favorite isolator of Hera (Dirfias Hera).

Its main peak, Delphi (1,743 meters) is visible from afar.
It is wild and steep. They call it “Little Fuji” as it looks like a volcano.

Mountain Dirfis stands out as a mountain mass in a long narrow mountain range 40 km long that includes other smaller mountains, such as Xerovouni, Skotini, Alokteri, Mavrovouni and Ortari. The northen side of the mountain falls sharply in the Aegean, the eastern side is connected with Xirovouni and Skotini, the western spreads in an elongated low mountain range that “extinguishes” calmly up to the stream that flows into the coastal Limniona and in the south it ends in calm hills.

The highest peak of Dirfi is the twin peak of Delphi which reaches 1,743 and 1,735 meters. At this point the sanctuary of Dirfia Hera was located in antiquity, as the mountain was known as the favorite sanctuary of the goddess.

The view from the top is unique.

The hike lasts 6 1/2 hours, is of moderate difficulty and requires prior experience in the mountains

Program :
08:00 Meeting at the Shelter of Agali.
08:20 After a short briefing we start the hike.
12:00 We reach the top (1943m).
12:30 We start the descent to the Shelter of Agali
15:30 Arrival at the Shelter.

What to have with you:

  • Hiking boots
  • Hiking poles (Optional)
  • 2L water (at least)
  • Second change of clothes
  • Energy Snack
  • Backpack (not more than 30L)
  • Windproof / Waterproof
Vaggelis Christoulas
Mountain Leader